Friday, January 18, 2008

A big day for blog advertising

Project Wonderful

An entire slew of bloggers (many that are already on the entrecard bus) and other small impression based website are selling advertising space with this new company: Project Wonderful. PW is a bidding based advertising seller, selling ads and banner of all types and sizes. The instant bidding system allows for people to bid on an ad on an immediate basis. I have bought a few ads on some neat but cheap webcomic sites to try out the system.

How it works

First off, I typed in my price range ($0.00-0.50 cents per day) and keywords and scanned the list of websites. Once I found one I liked I made a bid (like Ebay) a few cents above the previous bidder, and for how long I wanted my square link to run. I did this on 5 different websites and watched as some of my bids were too small to beat the high bidder and some were instantly approved and running on the website within 15 seconds. This all happened yesterday and since then I've recieved 15 emails telling me I had lost out to the highest bidder on one website, and that I became the highest bidder on another. It is suprising to see, but as one ad, paying lets say 50 cents per day, ends the next highest bidder immediately takes that position until my alloted timeframe runs out. Then I am only charged by the minute for how long my ad runs.

My own ads

It did not take very long to see the sexy results. I immediately applied for an advertising account myself. You can see my ad spaces on the right hand sidebar. Currently, at the time of this post, I do not have any bids. I am hoping to see some results once my page impressions are calculated and added up for the buyers to see.

Rolling in Cash

Just like anything in the blogging world when it comes to make money, its the page impressions that really count. When buying space, or selling space with Project Wonderful the page impressions is how you decide if it is worth paying $0.04 cents per day or $0.80 per day. I saw the ads appear on Entrecard's campaign page and saw ads literally jump from $0.60 per day up to $7.50 in under 30 hours. Quite a jump. Even though, a site with a few hundred impressions per day like my blog, there are still sites selling ad spaces with similar impressions per day for up to 40 cents per day.


I think this is a really exciting new medium for advertising, especially for low impression blogs and entrecard users. Project Wonderful is a very user friendly site and worth checking out if you have some sidebar space on your website to sell. I will provide a further review in twenty days to determine the success or lack there of, of this product.

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