Saturday, January 19, 2008

Loose Change Vs Google Adsense (DAY 21)

Google Adsense Vs Loose Change

Coin Shortage

This is day 21 of a thirty day project.

If you havn't been following my Google Adsense VS Loose Change challenge, where the heck have you been? Early on I was finding loose change all over the place, in old houses, in laundry rooms and Google Adsense was not making me anything. Then slowly Google Adsense started kicking in and giving my best earnings yet. But here is the 30 day challenge: Can I find more money on the ground, than I can earn with Google Adsense?

Last past I went to the sacred mall of america and found some change. Two posts ago I had found 97 cents in my apartments laundry room. I had a lot of luck finding large amounts of change scattered wherever I went, but Adsense has been lurking around every corner, and last post even took the earnings lead!

Last Three Days

Here in Minnesota it is freaking cold. -7 degree out right now as I write this, and even colder this weekend, it might even effect my change finding statistics, unless I can find some loose change in the numerous blankets I plan to wrap myself in all weekend. That being said, the last three days were a loose change success! Here's the break down.

Loose Change stats for the past three days: (see previous stats)

Wednesday the 16th: 6 cents found
Found on the street of Minneapolis and a few in the basement of a local coffee shop
Thursday the 17th: 56 cents found
Found in a mechanics shop waiting for my girlfriend to see if she wanted to buy a used car. Two hours we waited while I paced back a fourth scrounging for change. I ended up finding money on the ground, in abandoned glove compartment boxes and in the actual garage itself.
Friday the 18th: 2 cents found
Two cents found at the Walker Art Museum while looking at Frida Khalo's artwork.

new Loose Change Total: $4.04

Google Adsense

Twenty one days have now gone by. Google has been a rollercoaster of an earner this month, yet its spikes have been the best I've had. Although, the lows are as bad as ever. The last three days the red hot Google Adsense has cooled down, although still with enough buffer to be ahead by just over one dollar.

Google Adsense stats for the past five days: (see previous stats)
Wednesday the 16th: 1 cent earned
Thursday the 17th: 1 cent earned
Friday the 18th: 4 cents earned

new Google Adsense Total: $5.16

Nine Day Remain

It's the last leg of the competition. Adsense and Loose Change are closing in on the goal. Which of the two has what it takes to out earn the other? Google had a bad three days, however, I still contribute Google's previous success to the entrecard effect. While the initial boost it gave my blogs have worn off, there is still some lasting positive effects of entrecards link trading.

Nine days before I crown a champion.

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