Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Adsense's Revenge: where has all the loose change gone?

Google Adsense Vs Loose Change

Coin Shortage

This is day 18 of a thirty day project.

If you havn't been following my Google Adsense VS Loose Change challenge, you should go back a few posts and read about it. My lack of success with Google Adsense forced me to do a thirty day challenge: Can I find more money lying on the ground, or more money with Google Adsense?

In recent posts I was shocked with how much change I was finding on the ground. In my last post I had found 97 cents in my apartments laundry room. I had a lot of luck finding large amounts of change scattered wherever I went.

It seems the well has dried up.

Mall of America

So despite my previous statistics supporting the impressive change found, the last 5 days have been dismal. Yesterday, I did go to Mall of America. I found my first penny in the parking lot, and the second in the dollar tree. The clerk at the dollar tree told me to check out the food courts, "they are littered with pennies." This led me to the food courts and per her advice I found 24 cents in the food courts. Two dimes and four pennies. Good advice if you are looking for free change.

But, besides mall of america I only found 1 penny. Please note: if you click on the mall of america picture you can try to find me and my girlfriend dressed up like Waldo and Walda.

Loose Change stats for the past five days: (see previous stats)

Friday the 11th: 0 cents found
Saturday the 12th: 1 cent found
Sunday the 13th: 0 cents found
Monday the 14th: 26 cents found at mall of america
Tuesday the 15th: 0 cents found

new Loose Change Total: $3.40

Google Adsense

Eighteen days have gone by, and Google Adsense has pulled out a cyber blade, snuck up behind loose change and has the blade to its throat. Google Adsese was losing this battle until last week. Now Google is pulling ahead indefinately.

I am willing to wager that I good deal of this success is due to the entrecard effect. My impressions have doubled for both blogs involved in this study. My number of clicks have also doubled. The earnings have also reflected the positive attention entrecard is leading to my pages.

Google Adsense stats for the past five days: (see previous stats)

Friday the 11th: 5 cents earned
Saturday the 12th: 48 cents earned
Sunday the 13th: $1.32 cents earned
Monday the 14th: 9 cents earned
Tuesday the 15th: 0 cents

new Google Adsense Total: $5.10

A New Hope

Google Adsense took the lead away from loose change! Last update $1.71 was by far my biggest day ever for Adsense, and now another big day earning $1.32 has catapulted my earnings over five dollars. This is by far my best 18 days since starting my blogs in October. Google is now ahead by $1.50 improving its lead from just 3 cents 5 days ago. I pretty big swing. Has Google taken the lead for good, or will my travels bring upon another treasure of found coinage? The last 12 days will determine who will win this battle.

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kukote said...

nice challenge. however, in my case, I'm sure, Adsense will win. I'll not find a $20 loose change everyday :)

by the way, i got here via livingonadsense.com.

williamhessian said...

thanks kukote. only a handful are making money like you. congrats for having such success.

looks like you have a lot of blogs

lightening said...

What a fun idea to do!!! :-) Nice to here that entrecard is working to help boost something other than flythrough traffic as well!

me_as_a_project said...

excellent blog post...i had a great laugh at this! i clicked all your links just to give google a boost! lol

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