Thursday, January 10, 2008

Loose Change Vs Google Adsense: Enter the Dirty Laundry Room

Google Adsense Vs Loose Change

Finding Loose Change

I have been overly suprised with my success finding money scattered on the ground in Minneapolis, common areas, buses, streets, sidewalks etc. On Tuesday I entered my apartments HOORIFYING laundry room. The place is dirty, most of the machines do not work and I was told to be weary of bums that tend to use the room to sleep in at times. The laundry room is also on the honor system....for some reason they gutted the quarter feed so you can retrieve your own quarters after each load.

The amazing thing here, is that I found ten cents in the laundry room only a few days previous. I had scanned the entire room for coins. This time, the dryer was not actually drying anything. Therefore, I was wandering around, looking under things while I waited around. Amazingly, after 15 minutes I have found 97 cents. Three quarters were lodges in an old broken washer, I had to displodge them from the tetanus filled jagged metal coin container.

Once again I impressed with the amount of loose change I am finding and Google Adsense is getting further and further behind in the statistics.

Learn how this battle came about by reading Adsense vs Loose Change. This is day 13 of a thirty day project.

Loose Change stats for the past three days:

Tuesday the 8th: 10 cents found
Wednesday the 9th: 97 cents found
Thursdayday the 10th: 0 cents found

new Loose Change Total: $3.13


Everytime I think Adsense is out of the running to compete in this challenge, I am proven wrong. A big day for loose change typically, for no apparent reason, seems to mean a big day for Google Adsense. I even broke my all-time record for single day earnings. Shocking. My average is 5 cents per day, and Google gave me a $1.71 day. If I was good at percentages I would post that percentage increase here. With that said here is the three day results as google takes the first lead ever in the race:

Tuesday the 8th: $1.71
Wednesday the 9th: 4 cents
Thursdayday the 10th: 1 cent

new Adsense Total: $3.16

A New Leader

Google Adsense took the lead away from loose change! $1.71 was by far my biggest day, with 7 clicks getting er' done. Granted the lead is only 3 cents, and I seem to find a more consistent stream of coinage on the ground than I average with Google. We will see if I can stumble on some more loose change before google strikes again.

To see past results visit other posts like, I found a dime in the laundry room and the daily statistics of the first seven days.

Also check out my Adsense vs Adbrite advertising battle.

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FriedClyde said...

Adsense is better than most of the other payers, i am begning to see a little trickle with widgetbucks, the cpm ads.

Apart from that I really enjoyed the way you put forth your point extremly innovative :D

Keep at it, inofrmation + fun is super!

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