Monday, April 7, 2008

Adbrite (Google's Adsense nemesis) update!


In January 2008, I announced Google's Adsense a winner in my blog battle Adbrite Vs Adsense. Recently, Adbrite has become even more profitable for my blogging profits. My battle pitted the two advertisers against each other with my brand new blogs as they emerged. Both the zombie robot frosting blog and this Blog Blog Cherry's statistics were closely followed. See the very first Adbrite Vs Adsense blog, which explained the results after 20 days.

Adsense was declared the winner, as it out earned Adbrite in the 40 day race. While both products only earned me minimal amounts, Adsense eeked out the advantage. Meanwhile, Adbrite has slowly made me some decent referral money.

Referral Cash

If you were a new blogger, or looking to use something besides Adsense you can click on the adbrite box at the top of this blog, and switch over. If you do, my referral earnings has potential to make more money. In nearly 6 months I have earned over 4 dollars from referral revenue. While, my adbrite clicks have not been earnining me very much money the referrals at times can make my 91 cents in a day.

Cash per click

Even though I recieve less clicks on my adbrite ads, I still earn more money per click with Adbrite than I do with Adsense. Plus, I love being able to control what ads do and do not appear on my website. This control makes it a lot more engaging for bloggers.


In the very start of Blog Blog Cherry I wrote a Adbrite review, which explained my hopes and untested review, like the ability to see how much each advertiser pays per click. You can literally weed through bad ads, or low paying ads, leaving only the most content specific and highest paying ads on your page. With only a little management adbrite allows for far better control and use of your advertisers. However, bad links leak into the system daily, and some very obvious ad links show, which causes very clickable links to be revealed as obvious ads. I think this issue caused Adbrite clicks to remain very very low.

Keep in mind Adbrite is an excellent alternative and a valuable tool if used correctly, see my review and sign up for it at myAdbrite review.

Try out adbrite yourself:

Also compare my total numbers with my latest
March 2008 earnings. See how well adsense and adbrite are doing for me last month
and also see my Traffic Zap review as I rip into the terrible product.


Milan said...

Adsense will be ahead in race. Reason is factors that determines payout per click. More traffic you have more payout will be.

Superman said...

I haven't tried either.I heard that your site may crash if you use Adsense andAdbrite at the same time.

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