Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Blog Traffic Products

I starting blogging less than four months ago. Originally, I started Zombie Robot Frosting, which just recently spawned into Blog Blog Cherry (this blog) and then also the Bearded Bunny Art Blog.

Like all bloggers there is always a struggle to attract readers into your blog, and get them to read the content, and maybe even click some advertisments during their stay. There are about 5,909,643,321 posts from bloggers about how to get this exposure. My blog is a little different, I'm not going to give you my list of tips and tricks. Instead, I am going to list exactly what I have done, or do each time I post a blog, to gain viewers.

This will be a two part list: constant traffic products, and manual traffic products. (These are all products you as a bloggers should take advantage of, if you do not already.)

Constant Traffic Products
Also see the money earning products I use

Note: If you see a product that is not on my sidebar, the reason is because: either I use them on my other two blogs, or else I have used the prodcut in the past. Some products fit better on my art, or immortality blogs and some fit better here on Blog Blog Cherry

Entrecard: (rating A)

My traffic on all three blogs literally tripled in day one using Entrecard. Granted, my impressions settled at only doubling since the addition of entrecard. The site is still a very simple and free link based trading service for fellow bloggers. It really does help boost traffic. The fad is starting dying out, but even so, it is a great tool to improve page impressions and network with blogs similar to yours.

BlogRush (rating C-)

I still use this on all three of my blogs. Why? I am not entirely sure. The widget takes up a good deal of real estate on my sidebar and I only average one click per 1000 impressions shown on other blogs. See the massive widget to the right to see what I am talking about. It basically posts blogs you've recently posted on others widgets. For whatever reason, it just is not very successful.

BlogCatalog (rating B)

All you need to do for blog catalog is sign up and post this tiny little link. You probably have seen those blogs with a mass conglomeration of this little rectangle boxes that proves that the blog has signed up for 40 different blog communities. I prefer to stick to only ones that I actually participate in. If you visit my Art Blog you will see that I loaded their "Recently Visited" widget which helps me see who has dropped by from that site to check out my posts. While I do not really need that widget this blog, I do enjoy having it on my art blog, as I use that to return links or add friends to my blog catalog account, thus building my contacts.

Old Fashioned Link Trading (rating B-)

Again, I only do this on my more community based art blog. You can find some link trading with other art websites or art projects. This gives me some trageted traffic from blog readers from other websites and supports blogs that I really enjoy. Entrecard basically does this for you, although those ads only last 24 hours at a time.

Matual Blog Featured Blogs (rating B+)

Sometimes I run across a blog that I like. I trade comments with this blogs and then naturally we agree to write blogs about each other's blogs. It's the blogging parrallel to asexual flirting. Here are two samples of matual blog featured blogs Living on Adsense and George McKim. The return hits of these blogs, especially if they are a relatively credible blogger, is worth the time. Plus, it makes you feel all warm and tingly on the inside.

Manual Traffic Products

Just to clarify the catergory, manual traffic products are actions I take after each blog post, for each specific blog. These actions draw viewers to that particular post and is done for each and every blog post.

Digg (rating A)

I agree that digg has some major flaws in its system. Even so, it is a great site to post new blogs. Get started right away, start adding friends and gaining fans. The sooner you do this, the sooner you can build a river of traffic for each post on digg. I am still just building up steam, but easily generate a good 200 hundred hits per post on Digg.

Reddit (rating D)

Pardon my own preference, but reddit kind of sucks. I just do not enjoy its ranking system nor its title only unflashy craigslit style listings. I find that my posts go unrecognized here. Stick to Digg and Stumbleupon. Although I havn't made my way into the stumble upon world yet. Although I have heard it is a valuable tool.

Myspace Bulletin (rating B-)

This used to be where I generated a majority of my traffic. Slowly, as people saw my bulletins as ads for my blog posts it has died down a bit. This is my own fault for not mixing up my links and bulletin style. This is espeically good if you already have a strong database of friends. I would assume this would also work for those with facebook.

Pinging (rating B)

Repetitive and boring as pinging is, it only takes a few seconds and it is crutial for getting your new content onto search engines. This helps your page rank and searchable content. Doing this once a week is a must for each blog you write.

Message Boards (rating A)

For my immortality blog I post my related blogs on the immortality institute message board. This is not a spam strategy, I literally spend the time to find related topics, or start a new thread with concrete questions or feedback about my content. I make friends and comment on other posts frequently. I do not simply post a link. I do this for all three of my blogs on a number of different message boards that I specifically contribute to, in order to promote my blogs. I have had many very interested readers who find my blog from message boards.

As my strategies change I will add any new or additional products to gain traffic.

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Samuel said...

Let me know how it turns out. I am testing out the whole blogging market. If you find something works great I would be intrested to hear.


CyberCelt said...

Thanks for renting entrecard space from me today. I appreciate it. Hope you receive lots of traffic.

Ray said...

You guys should try this one
Join Best-Reviewer.com with CrazySmartGirl as your referrer!
It's a community site which rotates members adsense blocks on the front page. It's a very interesting system. I would be thrilled if anyone used my referral link!

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