Friday, January 25, 2008

Loose Change Vs Google Adsense (DAY 22-28)

Google Adsense Vs Loose Change

Two More Days

This is day 28 of a thirty day project. Only two days left until my blog study is over!

If you havn't been following my Google Adsense VS Loose Change challenge, where the heck have you been? I challenged Adsense to out earn the amount of money I could find on the ground. In old houses, in laundry rooms, mall of america I have been finding loose change all over the place. Google Adsense has been a dissapointment for me and my three blogs. Two Days remain and the question is still unanswered: Can I find more money on the ground, than I can earn with Google Adsense?

At mall of america I found some change at the food courts and I found 97 cents in my apartments laundry room, giving Google quite a challenge. Suprisingly Adsense has had its most productive month to date, and as of last post had the lead!

It is FREEZING here

Last post I was complaining about how cold it was, and how that would deter me from finding very much loose change. Since I will be avoiding doing much strolling around town. This was mostly a true prediction, except for the one time (breaking my new years resolution) I stopped at Taco Bell and looked down at the drive through to find 67 cent on the ground. The cold customers were not venturing out of the car to get their fallen change, I knew it was meant for me, and meant for this blog post.

Here is the breakdown of the last 6 days for loose change: (see previous stats)

Saturday the 19th: 11 cents
Sunday the 20th: 0 cents
Monday the 21st: 2 cents
Tuesday the 22nd: 1 cent

Wednesday the 23rd: 67 cents

Found at Taco Bell Drive thru

Thursday the 24th: 6 cents

Friday the 25th: 0 cents

new Loose Change Total: $4.91

Google Adsense

Google continually has patches of 1 cent to 4 cent days, and all of a sudden jumps up to over a dollar with a few clicks. The lucky thing for google's numbers this month is that I've had 3 days which have earned over 90% of the 28 days earnings. I figured if Google had one more big day in this last 6 six days, that barring finding a ten dollar bill on the ground the race might be over.

Google Adsense stats for the past 6 days: (see previous stats)

Saturday the 19th: 2 cents
Sunday the 20th: $1.19 cents
Monday the 21st: 1 cent
Tuesday the 22nd: 2 cents

Wednesday the 23rd: 3 cents

Thursday the 24th: 1 cent

Friday the 25th: 0 cents

new Google Adsense Total: $6.44

The Lead

Google now has a lead of $1.53 and I highly doubt I will find that much change on the ground in the next two days. Yet, if I happen to come across a goldmine of loose change, maybe Google has something to fear. I will make my final post in two days, and I will list all of the statistics in one big clean comparitive list.

Two Days Remain

Ever since I joined up for entrecard Google took the lead and has not looked back. The Adsense results are still nothing to write home about, but the last two days may prove successful. Who knows?

Two days before I crown a champion.

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The BenSpark said...

That is a great competition. So funny. Good luck earning money with both. I love visiting the MOA. I try to go each time I am traveling that way.

theda said...

What a fun idea! I bet I could find a lot of loose change to beat Adsense. I'll let you know if I try it too. I can usually find a lot of loose change in my pockets/couch (does that count), or as a cashback bonus from PayPal. Hmmm...that might be a winner right there...PayPal bonuses.

Thanks for a fun read.

Theda K.

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