Sunday, March 9, 2008

Increase your f*cking traffic

Increase your traffic, increase your profit

More traffic earns you more money. The more people that see your page, the more people that will click your paid links, and that means more money in your pocket. Success when blogging is based on pageviews. You could write the greatest blog in the world but if no one reads it, then no one knows about it. It does you no good.

Blog Traffic Products

Last month a wrote a really in depth blog about all of my current blog traffic strategies. I watch my page views closely. I've watched as all three of my blogs doubled in pageviews during the Entrecard effect. Although, it did not take long for that to fade away and my numbers have come back to normal.

Meta Tags & Content

Beyond using my blog traffic strategies and products, it is very important to use meta tags and load your blogs with good content. When you ping your site, and enter into the vast array of search engines you need good keywords and content to attract those websurfers. Using generic keywords is never good, try using very specific keywords and attracting the exact readers you want. "Blogging" will never give you any tips, however, "new blogging advice" or "easy ways to make money blogging" or "the best blogging tips you could ever read" will get you a lot more action. If you can find a way to be even more specific then do it.

Links, Links and more links

I find a key way to keep readers interested is making sure to link to other popular blogs you have written. I remember when I first started blogging I found a few blogs that had posts in which I wanted to click all the links to read further about each topic. Links are key in getting me into their past blogs and into their vast knowledge of their subject. For example, this is why naked blogging is such a good idea.

Find a pattern that works

Increasing traffic can be done from every angle. Find which strategies work for you, and do them consistently. When you get some free time, try some new methods and watch your numbers. It is key to keep track of what efforts are paying off, and what efforts are not worth your time. You can spend some money and get some quick hits, but make sure its a good trade off. You want to make enough hits to eat the cost of the advertising. Often, that is not going to happen. So choose wisely, and blog like you mean it.

Increase you f*cking traffic.

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