Monday, March 3, 2008

February Blogging vomits 12 dollars into my cyber pocket

As February 2008 ends, I have also finished my fifth month of blogging! Originally, I started Zombie Robot Frosting, which slowly spawned into Blog Blog Cherry (this blog) and then also the Bearded Bunny Art Blog.

Note: I have been documenting my blog progress since the very beginning. Is it realistic to be able to make money blogging? Find out all the ways I tried to earn money and make your own decisions whether or not it is worth it. Here is a link to my2007 $$$ Blog totals

newest strategy:

Project Wonderful

Another source of small income is Project Wonderful. Using project wonderful you immediately sell space on your blog in an instant bid fashion. High traffic blogs can make very good money this way, and I really like how the site works. You can choose from a vast number of spaces to sell on your blog. This is a neat way to earn a few dollars a month, plus its an extremely cheap and effective way to advertise your own products/ websties as well.
Income: $3.52

current ongoing blog profit centers:


Early on my blogging travels I wanted to try something on this blog besides Google Adsense. Adbrite was the best contender, although it has taken some time to generate much income. See my blog series where I reviewed Adbrite head to head against adsense in my adbrite Vs adsensechallenge. You can see adbrite on this blog on the sidebar and at the bottom of the page. Adbrite was started on November 16th. February 2008 was its best production, and for the first time ever is my biggest income source for February.
Income: $3.80

Google Adsense

Last month, during my Google Adsense Vs Loose Change challenge Adsense managed to earn 7.12! Which was by far the most I have earned with Adsense. However, the month before and this month the total has once again dropped to a dismal number. My total is less than half of last months big number. This means Adbrite (despite less impressions and clicks) has outearned Google Adsense in February.
Income: $3.25 cents


Widgetbucks has never been too impressive for my blogs. However, it does trickle in slowly and I plan to stick it out to eventually earn my bonus $25 when I cash out. If you sign up now you can get a bonus $25 dollars for signing up. See my Widgetbucks performance review. I hope I can keep the numbers up and get to the 25 dollar make sooner than later.
Income: $1.33 cents

Vume (pronounced 'view me') is a photobucket style site, that allows upload and storage of pictures, audio or video. The cool thing about this site, is that it pays you $3 per 1000 views. I have not had enough time to funnel my pictures through Vume lately. The first thing I stop doing when I am cramped for time is skip Vume. Thus, we I only earned one dime. I now have considered the effort not worth the money, since I project it will take me three years to reach the $25 cash out minimum. Not worth it!
Income: $0.16 cents

Total funds (February): $12.06

February fell a dollar short of my record month in January. It is still above my typically blogging average of 7 dollars per month. Still far below what I originally wanted to be earning ($25 per month). My biggest struggle is gaining a consistent flow of traffic day to day. Boosting those numbers will boost all of my statistics.

Also make sure to see my blog traffic totals to see how they work in conjunction with my money making products.

compare my February numbers to my January and also my December totals

and if you are really serious about blogging make sure to see my first blog studies! Make sure you do not make the same mistakes as I did. My November Blog Totals and also my first pathetic month in October 2007


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Jennifer said...

Its too less from adsense and others also. Why man? I managed to earn atleast $30 from adsense on first month itself.

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